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Articles > Comparison of Blackberry 9900 Bold Touch (Next G) & Touch Bold before purchasing

Comparison of Blackberry 9900 Bold Touch (Next G) & Touch Bold before purchasing

Mobile phone lovers always want to use most recent one.  Blackberry is always popular in recent years despite increasing competition from the likes of Apple, DELL and HTC .Blackberry is the ruler of mobile phones. Each handset by the brands are different and aim on provide you with best and new features but if you want to buy a handset that allows your fingers to move smoothly on the keypad then it would be to purchase Blackberry phones in the market. The first touch screen Bold was released in August 2011. Whenever you want to buy something you always must compare it with other things. Comparison between two best things is always hard. Especially if it is- Buy BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 3G and Touch Bold .whenever you compare two things in the market, mainly two points come in your mind .what feature are similar are what are not.

Similarity: 1st thing the both are developed by Research in Motion (RIM). The weight, thickness and width of bold touch & Touch Bold are same (130g, 10.5mm, 66mm) When you Buy BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 3G having internal memory of 8GB than your all important data can be stored easily and same touch bold also have the same memory . The Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 looks the addition of a 2.8 inch TFT touch screen along with the classic QWERTY keyboard .When you need to access the internet, the Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 provide speeds of up to 14.4 megabytes per second in areas with 3G coverage.

Dissimilarity: ­Now there is only one difference that is the Next G network. The Next G network is over twice than any other 3G network in Australia. It gives us good coverage area in huge buildings, lifts and in car parks compare to any other Indian 3G mobile. The Next G network is Australia's fastest national mobile network and you can surf by this the web, stream video and upload pictures to social networking sites quickly and in more places. Among all the phones available in the market today you Buy BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 3G because it is known as the most outstanding phone. It helps us to search the huge range of Big Pond entertainment including news and sport. It is clearly marked with a green dot so it is easy to tell what is free here to surf. According to Next G user- it is good to use 9900 3G in comparison to others.

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