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Articles > Do you know the Tablet PC good?

Do you know the Tablet PC good?

October31,2011,4:26am1.jpeg (275◊183)

Did you know? Tablet PC better than a cell phone to be fun, even lighter than a laptop!

Often hear some complaints from the friends, who back after travel, they mainly because that laptop is a thing has to take but for the heavy weight indeed not enjoy in whole process, and annoy that why did not have a way to have both. Recently year the tablet PC is popular, be called personal portable computer and really with high flexibility just right to take the place of laptop make many worried people like my friends find the way is good for both.

In the market, the tablet PC most at the price cheaper than laptop, though canít absolutely replace the laptop, but the mainly features of laptop the tablet PC all there be. So like travel or in normal time you all can take out an  google android 2.3 tablet PC from the bag which carried around, listening music, surf internet, chat with others online and so on, really convenient and lightly body wonít cause you much burden.

Various brand tablet PC constantly released the new products, Google and Microsoft also always not interrupt develop superior operation system. So tablet PC own so powerful support no matter is hardware or software supply. We completely could expect tablet PC develop into the smaller and with higher technology portable computer.

So, I suggested that he  buy  Samsung A815  Tablet PC , which have 8 inch resistive touch screen, 4GB (Support TF card maximum up to 32GB) and Samsung S5PV210 ARM Cortex-A8 1GHz.It can play 3D game,Support 1080P HD video,Support Adobe Flash 10.1 and below play,Browser, Calculator, Calendar, Camera, Clock, Contacts, Dev Tools, Email, ES Task Manager, ezPDF Reader, Gallery, Google mail, Mediaplayer, Messaging, Music, Phone, Settings, Spare Parts, Talk, Voice, YouTube.It is very good, I think!

My friends problem eventually have been solved, this make her very happy in the travel. 

Fact I also surprise after know tablet PC, especially 8 inch tablet PC. A small space can contain it and listen music or radio, watch movie and forth all more convenient than other bigger size tablet computer. My character is quiet and not good for communicates with other, so mostly spare time is the 8 inch tablet PC accompany me.

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