FunTab Tablet PC

FunTab Tablet PC

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  • 7 TFT LCD
  • Android 2.2 Froyo
  • 3G, Wi-Fi
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Our Price : Rs. 8199
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
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Fetures of FunTab Tablet PC
imgfun.jpg (687�329)
FunTab is the new Android Tablet complete with all the features, strong specifications, a trendy design and placed at a very attractive price point, comparatively. The 13.8 mm thick tablet runs on Android v2.2 Froyo OS and is powered by a 600 MHz Processor and a 300 MHz Graphics Processor. It has a 7� TFT LCD Screen. This Android tablet supports 3G externally and also is Wi-Fi capable. For connectivity it has 1 standard USB Port and one more mini USB Port. The 256MB RAM renders the Tablet with speedy performance, faster loading of applications, and better multi tasking. This tablet can be used as an electronic photo frame, eBook Reader and also a great multimedia device supporting various formats of music and video. For video calling it has a 0.3 MP Camera in the front side. FunTab is a versatile Tablet wit easy interface and the entire commonplace features. It�s powered by a 2200 mAh Batterey with a standby time of up to 10 Hours.


�funtab� is fun and the fun of it never fades, especially with the ever expanding applications facilitated by Android that you can download at one command of your fingertips. With Android, �funtab� can be your personal definition of fun with applications of your choice. Android has more than one lakh free easily downloadable applications available on web. �funtab� is totally customizable and totally fun!
Wi-Fi - �funtab� keeps you connected wherever you go through Wi-Fi. 3G - funtab has 3G support set up, it facilitates 3G through external 3G wireless network cards. Now you have �funtab� powered by 3G for fastest downloads. USB � �funtab� comes with 1 Standard USB port, 1 Mini USB port, 1 SD slot and 1 DC port for earphones.
�funtab� comes with some integrated games like �Angrybird� but that is not the whole story. You can download as many games as you want from web. There are thousands of free downloadable games supported by Android available on web. You can download these games with one touch and start gaming with all your passion.
Are still photo frames boring? �funtab� has a unique feature of electronic photo frame. You can keep viewing a sideshow of your favorite pictures while sitting at your worktable or living room couch on 7 inches wide TFT screen of �funtab�.
Now you don�t need to carry your books anywhere, �funtab� carries your books for you. You can simply make use of the E-Book Reader application on your �funtab� and start reading.
Tired of your monotonous Alarm clock? Hold on; try using Alarm clock feature in �funtab�. �funtab� comes with many everyday use applications like a smart clock, weather report application, alarm clock and calculator.
Tired of downloading the music or photographs you have already downloaded on your desktop or laptop all over again to your PC Tablet? �funtab� is your answer. �funtab� has a unique system of two USB ports, one �Standard USB port� and one �Mini USB port�. Using these USB ports you can experience hassle free data transfer from your cell phone, camera and other storage devices like pen drives.
�funtab Smart Case� is an attractive case with a mini keyboard and a stylus. This smart case is carefully designed to accentuate the portability and style that �funtab� exudes.
Do you fear losing your contacts? With �funtab� you can keep all your contacts organized and safe. �funtab� never lets you lose touch with loved ones.
�funtab� allows you to take pictures anytime and anywhere. �funtab� has an inbuilt camera of 0.3m pixels with which you can capture the fun moments of life.
Are you fond of watching latest videos on Youtube? �funtab� is for you. �funtab� comes with Youtube as an integrated application. Now you can watch and carry Youtube anytime and anywhere.
What makes �funtab� a future gadget is that features of �funtab� can be enhanced and updated as per your convenience. With �funtab� you can expand the memory any time you please up to 32GB. It has an SD Slot via which you can extend the memory of your �funtab� anytime.
�funtab� keeps you connected to your favorite social networking sites like facebook and twitter 24 hours. Is facebook and twitter disappointing on the small screen of your mobile? Does all the squinting and scrolling annoy you? �funtab� brings social networking with a unique 7 inches wide TFT experience. It�s all about fun!

FunTab Smart Case for FunTab Tablet Optional Accessory :     
We also suggest you to buy FunTab Smart Case with a mini Keyboard and Stylus available at Rs. 799
Click here to Buy
Specifications of FunTab Tablet PC
CPU WM8650 600M main frequency+300M DSP video
Operation system Android 2.2 OS
Storage Device DDR3 256MB
Memory 4GB Nand Flash Expendable 32GB Memory
LCD Size: 7 inch TFT-LCD 16:9 wide, Pixels: 800 x 480
WiFi 802.11b/g IEEE802.11b/g
3G Support external 3G --TD-CDMA
Camera 0.3m pixels
Speaker Louder Speaker
MIC Built in Microphone
Card Port TF CARD slot (can supprot 1G-32G) 2in1 MMC/SD card
Other Ports DC Port headphone RJ45, Microphone-in, Headphone, DC Port,
Audio Support Support MP2, MP3, WAV, AAC, WMA
Video Support Support MPEG1/2/4、MJPG、H263、H264
Photo Support Support JPEG / BMP / GIF
Battery Life Battery Working Time 2200mah,7.4V/ Stand by time around 10 hours
42 Comments of FunTab Tablet PC
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benson zhong
Dear Sir,

Good day.

This is Benson from Tablet PC/Consumer electronics manufacture,mainly cooperate with Telecom provider/importer.Like Orange telecom/Foris telecom,etcs.

HG-YDL is professional in customized OEM/ODM tablet PC for 7inch/8inch/9.7inch.

Here is a new model with GOOD price 7inch android 4.0 Capacitive screen Tablet PC ,the EXWORK bulk price is USD51/pcs ,good price with quality product would be benefiicial for your market.

For resistive screen price is USD36/pcs.

1,CPU 1.2GHz,
2,Latest Android 4.0 OS
3,Capacitive screen
4,Built in Camera
5,Web-Video play (Support Web-flash player 10.3 to Flash 11)
6,Internal RAM512;Memory 4GB(8GB/16GB optional)

Ring me or reply this email directly for any assistant !

Best regards


Hwachuang Industry Limited

Tel: +86-755-83726773




Website:www.hwachuang.com www.hg-ydl.com

13 July 2012
kishore thakur
there r two models i am intrested in one with calling card facility , i would like to visit yhe dealer in mumbai who has the product for display so that i can cheq the features and then purchase.
8 June 2012
prasant kumar mohapatra
i want a reply to my above query. so that i will go ahead to purchase
17 May 2012
prasant kumar mohapatra
i want to buy the 0ptional smart case along with the tab.does the price quoted includes this smart case
17 May 2012
parmod gupta
cna we make video call or voice call from this FunTab Tablet PC.
30 December 2011
ravi singh
i wanna buy it
9 December 2011
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