ACi Icon 1100 Laptop

ACi Icon 1100 Laptop

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  • Display: 10.2 LED
  • High Definition Audio
  • Web Cam
Regular Price: Rs. 5999
Our Price : Rs. 5762
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Fetures of ACi Icon 1100 Laptop

Price Breakup :
ACi Icon 1100 Laptop : Rs. 4999
USB WiFi Dongle : Rs. 250
Tax  : Rs. 263
Shipping Charges : Rs. 250
TOTAL : Rs. 5762


Specifications of ACi Icon 1100 Laptop
Display: 10.2 LED (1024 x 768 resolution)
Memory: 512MB expandable to 1.0GB RAM
Storage: 4GB expandable to 32GB
OS: Windows compatible
Battery Backup 3 - 4 hours
Sound System: High Definition Audio
I/O Port: 3 USB 2.0
Communication: 10/100 Ethernet Adaptor, Wireless Adaptor, 3G Ready (Optional)
Card Reader: 1 Push Card Reader, MMC / SD
Imaging Device: Web Cam
Dimension: 11.0(W) x 7.25 (D) 1.0 (H)
Weight: 0.7Kg with Battery
Reviews of ACi Icon 1100 Laptop

A Revolution Has Been Brought Up By The Usa Manufacturer  ACi Which Has Launched A Notebook In India Costing Just Rs 4999 Only. All The Laptops Will Be Marketed By The Allied Computers International (Asia) Ltd. The Aptop Is A Fully Functional And Windows Compatible Designed With A 10.2 Inch Screen Weighing Just 700 Gm. It Has Been The Lowest Price Of A Laptop Ever Made In India. The Memory Of The Laptop Is Upto 1 Gb According To The Chairman , Hirji Patel. All The Manufacturing Is Done From The Far East And Their Margins Are Very Thin. Mr Patel Said That The Company Is Expected To Sell About 2 Lakh Pieces Of ACi Laptops In A Year. They A Good Dealorship Of 200 Too So They Are Not In A Worryh At All. The ACi Laptop Runs On  aVIA CPU Along With 512 Mb Of RAM. There Are Other Specifications Too Such As MMC/SD Puch Card Reader 10/100 Ethernet Adapter, Wi-Fi, 3G Support Via USB Dongle, 3 USB 2.0 Ports, And 4GB Of Storage And Expandable Up To 32GB.

Their Aim Is Also To Make India A Laptop Nation Country With All The Latest Technology In Computing To Ensure That India Is Never A Dumping Ground By The MNCs Of All Over The World. Although ACi Is Very Old Company Established By Mr Patel In 1992 And Introduced It's First ACi Notepro In 1993 And Frequently Launched Many Products With A Steep Prices.

96 Comments of ACi Icon 1100 Laptop
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18 April 2014
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18 April 2014
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15 April 2014
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15 April 2014
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4 April 2014
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3 April 2014
3 April 2014
I dont know about other laptops, but I am not too very happy with DELL srppout nor with laptop as it is.Firslt, The motherboard screwed up as early as in 3 month and then I had to constantly call them up for a tech person. The tech person as well missed schedule I remember. later now, after 2 yrs ( i know the laptop degrades with time), my cd drive doesnot work any more. A replacement would be provided but only with 285$ for tech install , I gave up.
3 April 2014
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3 April 2014
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3 April 2014
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2 April 2014
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1 April 2014
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1 April 2014
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1 April 2014
Soibam Ibohal Moirang
inform me while stock is available I am ready to order.
20 March 2014
Vimal Jain
if any body interested to order, feel free to email Rs.5600/- Courier charges extra
26 February 2014
im interest this aci 1100 laptop
...if u have any stock ..pls inform me soon...
29 January 2014
If we book it icon1100.when you delivered to us? call 9757212364
17 December 2013
manohar thomare
i m manohar thomare from nagpur, recently i had bought new aci icon laptop but it is not working , so please send me the service station address of this product, im waiting for your response
1 December 2013
If we book it icon1100.when you delivered to us?
26 November 2013
I have read many articles of your site. It is another good one. your writing is also very excellent. Thanks for nice post. The post is pretty interesting.thanks for the information for me. baidu
8 November 2013
It is a frauD adv?
30 October 2013
Narasimhamurthy M P
Please one set delivery
17 October 2013
kukil boruah
I want to buy this laptop
2 October 2013
i want it. my no is 9597787071
29 September 2013
shik khasim vali
please inform the date of launcing cantact-9949428968
23 September 2013
Debnarayan Acharya
i am waiting for ACi Icon 1100 laptop. please call me 09903825025....debnarayan98@gmail.com.
22 August 2013
Hemant sutar
Call me 9822520910
21 August 2013
Hemant sutar
Hi I am living from nashik where I bought the icon 1100.
Please suggest me the showroom of laptop.
19 August 2013
mukesh hiwale
I am waiting for ACi-Icon-1100-laptop pls inform aci lunced market.
18 August 2013
Sub : Prayer to buy a Laptop of your company (model: ACi Iconia 1100 laptop, and price 4999)
With due respect I beg to state that I am JAYANTA DAS at Manikchak Malda. I want your Laptop. You will also say about delivering prices.
So, if you kindly receive your Laptop very soon, I will glad.
your faithfuly
18 August 2013
Jayanta Das
I am wait a aci icon 1100 laptop lunced.
5 August 2013
rajkumar sahu
i want this leptop where i am get it
please call me -----09654984365
25 July 2013
14 July 2013
no kunzang
please call me on 08803968685
16 June 2013
I am waiting for ACi-Icon-1100-laptop pls inform aci lunced market.
4 June 2013
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7 May 2013
Great surprise for low budget person like me.In wait.
22 April 2013
Can i get this in Shillong
15 April 2013
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11 March 2013
I am waiting for aci icon 1100
23 February 2013
is it available in Ahmdabaad(Gujrat)??????
8 December 2012
chandan sitoula
is it available in Guwahati (Assam)?????
8 December 2012
availabal in delh ?
5 December 2012
i want immediately aci icon1100. past 3months am trying to get this... plz sale at bangalore also...it looks very compact.
3 December 2012
available in ahmedabad ?
3 December 2012
I want to buy this laptop how can we receive pls help
30 November 2012
Ajay Arora
Mr Shettigar how did you get the laptop ?
8 October 2012
karthik shettigar
nice laptop
8 October 2012
I sent so many emails to them but no response from them as yet. They have not given any phone number so I think this was just a gimmick.
29 September 2012
Ajay Arora
Order placed 16th July. No signs of delivery. Tablet world have no clue . Aci sale or info email bounces back . I think this is a scam.
24 September 2012
i want to buy on plz notify me soon urgently needed
23 September 2012
aci laptop icon 1100 what cuntry made
9 August 2012
I want to know about processor speed
8 August 2012
Premchand rajaram
Is laptop se panpati ko khojna hai ye raja ke wife hai
4 August 2012
When the shipment of Aci icon 1100 laptop will start.
3 August 2012
this a only student laptop ya other usss...
1 August 2012
How much extra amount to upgrade memory from 0.5 to 1.0 GB? What is the processor speed?
31 July 2012
Ramprasad S
What is the processor Speed ? If it is less than 1 GHz. then windows can not be upgraded from XP at later stage when XP becomes obsolete(i.e.,Microsoft will be stopping its support for Windows XP in 2014) as the minimum CPU speed required is 1 GHz for Windows 7 or 8.
27 July 2012
Does Aci Icon 1100 come with pre loaded genuine windows xp OS?
24 July 2012
Hi, Is this laptop compatible for run all programming language like c,c++, Java, Visual basic, MS-Access, SQL,MS-office with advance verions,Does it support with all video formate?Also tell me from where i can buy this laptop if i want physical visit at your outlet. In SURAT(GJ) location.
24 July 2012
Hi,this laptop can run all programming language like c,c++, Java, Visual basic, MS-Access, SQL,MS-office with advance verions,Does it support with all video formate? please tell me ASaP. Also tell me from where i can buy this laptop if i want physical visit at your outlet. In CHENNAI location
20 July 2012
Ranveer Singh
Hi, Is this laptop compatible for run all programming language like c,c++, Java, Visual basic, MS-Access, SQL,MS-office with advance verions,Does it support with all video formate? please tell me ASaP. Also tell me from where i can buy this laptop if i want physical visit at your outlet. East Delhi location or any part of the delhi.
19 July 2012
If we book it icon1100.when you delivered to us?
16 July 2012
nilesh pandya
14 July 2012
Does Aci Icon 1100 come with pre loaded genuine windows xp OS? What is the processor speed ? Hope it will not be less than 1 GHz
10 July 2012
Price is ok but we have to see the Quality and Serviceability also.
8 July 2012
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